Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Nintendo Switch Review

And, ever since Pac-Man 99 hit the scene, that game has also become a staple for that ritual. I’ve spent countless hours trying to win at these games lately and personally find the experience greatly satisfying, even though I’m awful at both of these of these games. And I honestly don’t see that changing anytime soon, as. These games have an extremely simple and addictive gameplay loop. After getting millions of impressionable kids addicted to this game, by way of the game boy in the 1990s, Tetris has left an indelible mark in the collective memory of the genre.

  • It’s very fitting that Super Mario Bros. 35 released for the 35th anniversary of Super Mario Bros. and that it has 35 players compete at the same time.
  • That’s right; Puyo Puyo Tetris combines the chain-reaction thrills of Puyo Pop with the classic block-falling fun of Tetris.
  • With each battle lasting not much more than 10 minutes , it’s all too easy to say “just one more game”.
  • Tetris 99, however, is specifically a Nintendo Online subscription perk like the NES and SNES Online apps.

Tetris 99 has helped maintain Nintendo Switch engagement, as well as increase the number of new members joining Nintendo Switch Online. And when we add new titles to Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, one of the services available to Nintendo Switch Online members, we see consumers returning to play on Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch annoyingly only comes with two JoyCon controllers that aren’t the most comfortable to use, especially for long periods of time. This Pro Controller from Nintendo will help gamers level up. We definitely recommend picking up an extra DualSense controller if you’re one of the lucky ones who snagged a PlayStation 5. The DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 changes the way games feel because it offers more play a few rounds of Tetris on our website haptic feedback than any other controller we’ve held in our hands.

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As curious as it sounds, Tetris 99 is an online multiplayer game. This is a very logical consequence of its main selling point, seeing as how online multiplayer is the sole option that can provide it with the number of players needed to sustain its basic premise. Theoretically, local multiplayer would be an option as well, but it would be very inconvenient to say the least, meaning that it wouldn’t be possible save under exceptional circumstances. There is a single player mode for Tetris 99 added to it via DLC, but it isn’t really the content that makes it so special among Tetris titles. In battle royale games, players have to collect some gear or take them from any killed enemies to increase the chance of winning. It’s badges here which function as a damage multiplier.

All lines sent during a combo are summed up and the result is converted into a number of Puyo trash. 2 points for each row the piece falls down during that process. This game is the first ever Puyo game to have DLC, while many fans loved the Puyo series for being a DLC-free haven. A 3 minute mode where the player must achieve high scores.

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That’s why the developers decided to scale down the next piece queue. The Tetris community profited greatly from this attention. For example, amemiya streams almost get 100k viewers in average. Jstris getting tons of players, Wumbo getting 1 million views with a Tetris Effect video, or I got 400k with a 9 months-old NullpoMino video (T-Spin Snaking) which had something like 20k views before Tetris99.

The game graphics are basic at best, but it gets the job done. There is a lot of fast blinking lights to show you who got eliminated and lots of graphics information going on where for some gamers it can get overwhelming. In our playtesting, we did not outside of the fast flashing lights in the game encounter any graphic issues. There are sound effects for the pieces dropping and the Tetris original score playing but more in a “gameshow style” to give more of a gameshow feel to the game. Outside of this, there was noting special about the sound in the game.

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